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Two Pinter Sandwiches/Triple Bill | October 2000

Two rounds of Pinter sandwiches deep filled with gizmo and bread pudding

Trouble in the Works by Harold Pinter, directed by Jez Burrows.
Fibbs            Maurice Uzzell
Wills             Jim Judd

First Act presents: Gizmo
by Alan Ayckbourn, directed by Lorraine Spencely
Cast included: Sophie Jackson, Alice London, Gemma Betteley, Charlotte Orbegozo, Katie Figg, Stephen Whalley, Katherine Whalley, Emily London, Claire O’Sullivan, Rachel Cormican, Sara Molekenthin, Natalie Piddock, Marie Rose, Nicholas Wilcox, Eleanor Davies, Rachel Figg, Suzanne Piddock.

Request Stop by Harold Pinter; directed by Jez Burrows.
Man in bus queue            Peter Bidwell
Woman                              Lisa Ventham
Lady                                   Jean Golder

That’s Your Trouble by Harold Pinter; directed by Jez Burrows
Person A                           Liz Webb
Person B                           Tony Skeggs

The Last Bread Pudding directed by Nick Warburton; directed by Ikram Khan
Ken                                     Alec Raemers
Jan                                      Jenny Jones
Jack                                    Jez Burrows
Denise                                Rebekah Watson
Fleur                                   Penny Vetterlein
Phyllis                                Jean Golder
Tramp                                Jim Judd

Interview by Harold Pinter; directed by Jez Burrows
Mr Jakes                           Ikram Khan
Interviewer                      Penny Vetterlein

Set designer, construction, décor           T62 members
Stage Manager                                          Heather London
Asst Stage Manager                                 Ian-Paul Munday
Lighting Designer                                      David Hart
Sound Designer                                         Daniel Whymark
Props                                                          cast members
Wardrobe                                                   cast members
Prompt                                                       Joy Judd

House Manager                                         Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                                            Nina Herbert, Joan Martin
Raffle                                                          Sally Guttridge
Box Office                                                  Margaret Uzzell
Poster Design                                            Graham Copeland
Programme Editor                                    Maurice Uzzell
Programme Design                                   Graham Copeland