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Imaginary Lines | June 2000

By Reggie Oliver.  Directed Eve Stone.

Wanda takes herself and her life very seriously indeed.

Gentle Howard and succesful Sir Michael, the men who love her, try vainly to beat paths, imaginary or otherwise, to her door.

However, Wanda, matchmaker – idealist – dreamer – is the despair of men.

The action takes place a Hampstead in the nineteen eighties, in Wanda’s flat and Howard’s bookshop.


Wanda                                       Linda Harris
Howard                                     Alec Raemers
Mrs Burlap                               Muriel Kidd
Sir Michael Thurston MP      Andrew Herbert
Carol                                         Lisa Ventham

Stage Director                         Del Stone
Set construction                      T62 members
Set decor                                  Carolyn Fuller and T62 members
Stage Manager                        Sally Guttridge
Asst Stage Manager               Pat King
Stage crew                               Gemma Betterley, Ben Leeves, Alice London, Lucie Ross, James Simpson
Lighting Designer                   David Hart
Lighting Operator                   Ann Page-Wood
Sound Designer                       Daniel Whymark
Props                                        Joan Martin
Wardrobe                                 Margaret Uzzell with Catherine McWalter
Make-up                                   Jean Golder
Prompt                                     Denise Taylor

House Manager                       Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                          Nina Herbert & Ann Page-Wood
Raffle                                         Sally Guttridge
Box Office                                 Margaret Uzzell
Poster Design                           Adrian Pope
Programme Editor                  Maurice Uzzell
Programme Design                 Graham Copeland