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Dead Ringer | April 2000

By Charles Ross. Adapted from ‘The Prime Petender’ by Logan Gourley. Directed by Maggie Hoyle.

The Prime Minister drops dead. Two members of the Cabinet, fearing the loss of the imminent general election, hire an out-of-work actor to fill the post. With the election won the ‘stand-in’ decides he likes Number 10. However, the head of security has some disturbing news…

The action takes place at the present time in the study of the Prime Minister at Number 10 Downing Street.

Frances Cowdray, Leader of the House Mary Holder
Dick Marr, Home Secretary                                       David Target
Nigel Haywood, the PM’s secretary                          Stuart Scott
Ray Turnbull, Foreign Secretary                              John Heather
Randolph Bolton, PM                                                David Pollard
Gerry Jackson, actor                                                 David Pollard
Eva Bolton, the PM’s wife                                         Jean Golder
Colonel Hardacre, Head of No 10 Security               Tony Skeggs

Set construction                                Adrian Pope, T62 members
Set decor                                            Carolyn Fuller, Polly Hart, Stella Harvey
Stage Manager                                 Ann Page-Wood
Stage Assts/Props                           Nina Herbert, Pat King
Lighting Designer                             Andrew Herbert
Sound Designer                                 Ian James
Wardrobe                                          Pam Grafham, Penny Vetterlein, cast members
Make-up                                            Doreen Neale, Denise Taylor
Prompt                                               Phyllis Bardell

Refreshments                                    Joan Martin
Raffle                                                  Sally Guttridge
House Manager                                Maurice Uzzell
Box Office                                          Margaret Uzzell
Poster design                                     Stella Harvey
Programme Editor                           Maurice Uzzell
Programme Design                           Graham Copeland