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Mrs Warren’s Professsion | February 2000

By Bernard Shaw. Directed by Maurice Uzzell.

Having grown rich “exploiting men”, Mrs Warren brings up her daughter, Vivie, in comfort and gives her a university education.

After achieving high academic honours Vivie learns the source of her mother’s wealth and that she plans a life of luxury for her daugher. However, Vivie isn’t so sure…

The action takes place in England in the summer of 1900 in around a cottage, a rectory garden and an office in London.

In 1893 Shaw completed Mrs. Warren’s Profession, however, it was censored for eight years. When it was finally performed in London in 1902, the public was outraged by its controversial content.

Vivie Warren                              Janet Sharrock
Praed                                           Paul Marshall
Mrs Warren                                Nikki Packham
Sir George Crofts                       Bill Morley
Frank Gardner                           Nigel London
Revd Samuel Gardner              Dennis Packham

Set construction                          T62 members
Stage Manager                            Sally Guttridge
Asst Stage Manager                   Nina Herbert
Stage Crew                                  Tom Phillips, James Simpson, Ian-Paul Munday 
Lighting Designer                       Ian James
Asst Lighting Designer              Gemma Betteley
Sound Designer                          Daniel Whymark
Asst Sound Designer                  Alice London
Props                                            Joan Martin
Wardrobe                                    Margaret Uzzell, Rene Hughes
Make-up & hair                          Jean Golder, Doreen Neale
Prompt                                        Joy Judd

House Manager                          Maurice Uzzell
Refreshments                             Ann Page-Wood
Raffle                                            Sally Guttridge
Box Office                                    Margaret Uzzell
Poster Design                              Graham Copeland
Programme Editor                     Maurice Uzzell
Programme Design                     Graham Copeland