Auditions for Stepping Out (in February 2015) take place in October – please see below.

Auditions take place in advance of productions to allow the Director to assemble the cast.  Each Director has his/her own way of auditioning; some prefer to read straight from the text, others choose to try improvisation; some a mixture of both.  Auditions can often be a lot of fun, and gives an actor a chance to try out for different parts.

At Theatre 62 we like to welcome new faces to the stage as well as longer-standing regulars.  Most auditions are ‘open’, which means non-members are welcome to come along and audition. If you are successful you will need to join us (for a small fee) as a Full Member.

Auditions are held at Wickham Theatre Centre, click here for location information

Stepping Out by Richard Harris

Director: Ray Harris

Show dates: Monday 23 – Saturday 28 February

Audition dates:

Monday 6th October 8 p.m.
Tuesday 7th October 8 p.m.
Friday 10th October 8 p.m.

Mavis takes an evening class in tap dancing attended by a wide variety of people, nine ladies and just one man. They are of a very mixed ability, but due to Mavis’s efforts they achieve great success in a local dance festival.


Mavis The teacher. Highly professional, but warm and caring.
Dorothy Anxious and always tries to please. Works in an office. Has a bicycle!
Lynne The youngest member of the group. Very pleasant and likeable. A nurse in the local hospital.
Mrs Fraser An older lady. Dour and pessimistic. She is the lady pianist of the class, but it would be possible to record the music – but as a last resort.
Maxine Very confident. Owns her own dress shop, so is always busy buying and selling.
Andy Lacks confidence and is the worst dancer of the group. Unhappy marriage, so the class is an escape for her. Is attracted to Godfrey.
Vera Always expensively dressed. Has an older well-to-do husband and is excessively fussy, but sometimes betrays her humble beginnings.
Silvia Very bubbly and rather common. Husband moonlights as a window cleaner.
Rose An Afro-Caribbean lady. Has three children and is a great character.
Godfrey A self-effacing and negative character. A widower, he works in an insurance office.

Please direct any enquiries to the Director, Ray, via